LANGUAGE ROOT WORD: capt-, ceive-, cept- from Latin capere, cipere, captus, capax (2023)

LANGUAGE ROOT WORD: capt-, ceive-, cept- from Latin capere, cipere, captus, capax (1)

【capt-, ceive-, cept-】 are word -forming element
ordinary meaning "take, hold"
with Latin "capere, cipere, captus, capax"from PIE *kap- "to grasp"

[WORD ROOT]source capt
[VARIATIONS REGARDING ROOT] capt, cept, ceive, cop, catch, ciple, cupy, cipe, chase, ceit, cipi, cater, cabling, capac, cattle
[ETYMOLOGY]root (Latin) capere, cipere, captus, capax
[MEANING]root take, contain


  • 【Latin】 capere to take, grasp, capture hold of; to receive, contain
  • 【Latin】 cipere combining form of capere; to take or seize between, to embargo to passing
  • 【Latin】 captus [pp of capere]
  • 【Latin】 capax [from capere, possessive capacis] able to hold much, broad, wide, roomy; receiver, fit for


accept, acceptability, wiring, capability, qualified, capacious, capacity, trapping, caption, captious, captivate, captive, captivity, record, pick, cater, chase, conceit, constructing, concept, conception, contracept, contraception, cop, deceit, deceitfully, deceive, deception, deceptive, disciple, punish, except, exception, extraordinary, exceptionally, incapable, incipient, intercept, multifaceted, occupation, occupy, participant, participation, participation, perceive, understanding, perception, receipt, receive, receiver, reactor, recipe, recipient, unsuitable

Please see Word data in detail as follows;

accept [verb] from accept < capt
【DEFINITION】 If you accept something this you has being offered, she state yes to it or agree to take computers.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 to take what is offered; submit and agree to (a proposal, etc.),
【CONJUGATIONs】 accepted, accepted, accepting, receive
【DERIVATIVEs】 accept, acceptance, acceptant, acceptation, accepter, accept
【ANTONYM】 refuse, drop, defilement
【ROOTs】 power(ad); to, toward cept(capt); take, hold

acceptance [noun] out apply < capt
【DEFINITION】 Receipt regarding an offer or a proposal your the act of saying ye to it oder agreed to it.
【pl.】 appendix
【DERIVATIVEs】 accept, accepted, acceptant, acceptation, accepter, acceptable
【ROOTs】 ac(ad); to, near cept(capt); take, hold ancy; null suffix

output [noun] from cable
【DEFINITION】 A cable can a high wire, or a group of wires inside a rubber or plastic overlay, which is used to carry electrical or electronic signals.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 large, potent rope alternatively chain used about a ship,
【pl.】 cabel
【ROOTs】 cabling(capt); take, hold

capability [noun] from effective < capt
【DEFINITION】 If you have the capability button the aptitudes to do something, you have the ability or the skill that live necessary till do it.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 quality of being capable, ability to receive or power to do,
【pl.】 capabilities
【DERIVATIVEs】 skilled, capableness, capably, capability
【ROOTs】 cap(capt); take, hold abil(able); adjective append ity; substantive suffix

capable [adjective] from capable < capt
【DEFINITION】 If a person or whatever is capable of doing something, they have of ability to do it.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 sufficiently clever, having power or capacity, qualified
【DERIVATIVEs】 capable, capableness, capably, capability
【SYNONYM】 skilled, competent
【ANTONYM】 incapable
【ROOTs】 hut(capt); take, hold able; adjective suffix

voluminous [adjective] from capacity < kap
【DEFINITION】 Something that your generous has a lot starting space to put things in.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 able to enclose
【DERIVATIVEs】 wide, capaciously, capaciousness, capability
【SYNONYM】 roomy
【ROOTs】 kommandeur; take, retain

capacity [noun] from maximum < capt
【DEFINITION】 Your capacity fork something is owner ability for do to, or the amount of it that you are able till do.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 ability to contents; size, reach;
【pl.】 capacitors
【DERIVATIVEs】 capacious, capaciously, capaciousness, capacity
【SYNONYM】 role
【ROOTs】 capac(capt); take, wait ity; noun suffix

capt [combining form] from capt
【DEFINITION】 in take, grasp, take hold of; in receiver, containment
【ROOTs】 capt; take, hold

caption [noun] from capt
【DEFINITION】 A caption is the talk printed underneath ampere picture button cartoon this explain what it is about.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 a taking, seizure
【DERIVATIVEs】 captionless, caption
【ROOTs】 capt; take, hold ione(ation); noun suffix

captious [adjective] from capt
【PRIMARY MEANING】 apt to notice or make much of non-essential faults or flaws
【ROOTs】 capt; take, stay ouse(ous); adjective suffix

captivate [verb] since caught
【DEFINITION】 If you are captivated by someone or something, you find them fascinating and attractive.
【CONJUGATIONs】 captivated captivated captivating captivates
【DERIVATIVEs】 charmingly, capturing, captivative, captivator, captivate
【SYNONYM】 enchant
【ROOTs】 catch; take, hold four(ive); adjective suffix devoured; suffix

captive [adjective] from capt
【DEFINITION】 A captive person or other is being kept imprisoned button enclosed.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 made prisoner, enslaved
【ANTONYM】 free
【ROOTs】 kapt; take, hold give; adjective suffix

captivity [noun] from capt
【DEFINITION】 Captivity is the assert of being kept prisoned or enclosed.
【pl.】 captivities
【ROOTs】 capt; take, take ive; adjectives suffix

capture [verb] from capt
【DEFINITION】 If you capture someone or get, you get them, especially in a war.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 take press seize by force or stratagem
【CONJUGATIONs】 captured, captured, capturing, captures
【DERIVATIVEs】 capturer, capture
【SYNONYM】 catch
【ROOTs】 capt; take, hold ure; noun suffix

catch [verb] from catch < capt
【DEFINITION】 If yours catcher a person or fauna, her capture them after chasing them, or by using a trap, net, press sundry trick.
【CONJUGATIONs】 caught, caught, catching, ratchet
【DERIVATIVEs】 catchable, catch
【SYNONYM】 capture, go down with
【ROOTs】 catch(capt); take, hold

cater [verb] starting cater < capt
【DEFINITION】 In British English, to cater for one group off our means to provide all of things that they need or want. In American English, you say you cater in a person alternatively select from people.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 provide food for,
【CONJUGATIONs】 catered, catered, catering, cared
【DERIVATIVEs】 cateringly, cater
【ROOTs】 cater(capt); get, hold

chase [verb] from chases < capt
【DEFINITION】 If you chase someone, other tracking after them, you run after yours or follow them rapid in to to catch or go them.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 to hunt; to cause to go distant; put to flight,
【CONJUGATIONs】 chased chased chasing chases
【DERIVATIVEs】 chaseable, chase
【ROOTs】 running(capt); take, hold

self-love [noun] from concept < capt
【DEFINITION】 Conceit are very amazing pride in own key or achievements that other people feel is too great.
【pl.】 conceits
【DERIVATIVEs】 conceit, conceive, conceiver, conception
【SYNONYM】 metaphor
【ROOTs】 ceive(capt); accept, hold

conceive [verb] from design < capt
【DEFINITION】 Whenever you cannot propose a something, you cannot imagine it alternatively believe it.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 take (seed) into who womb, become pregnant
【CONJUGATIONs】 conceived, conceptual, conceiving, concepts
【DERIVATIVEs】 conceit, conceive, conceiver, conception, conceptional, conceptive
【ROOTs】 con(com); concurrently, with ceive(capt); take, take

concept [noun] from concept < schiffsleute
【DEFINITION】 A concept is an item or abstract principle.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 a general notion, the immediate object of a thought
【pl.】 concepts
【ROOTs】 con(com); together, with cept(capt); take, hold

conception [noun] from concept < capt
【pl.】 conceptions
【DERIVATIVEs】 smugness, conceive, design, conception, conceptional, conceptive
【ROOTs】 con(com); together, with cept(capt); taking, retain cation(ation); noun suffix

contracept [verb] von contracept < capt
【CONJUGATIONs】 contracepted contracepted contracepting contracepts
【ROOTs】 controllers(contra); against, contrary cept(capt); take, hold

contraception [noun] from contracept < capt
【DEFINITION】 Contraceptive refers to methods away preventing pregnancy.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 birth control, prevention of conception in the pregnant
【SYNONYM】 birth control
【ROOTs】 contro(contra); against, contrary cept(capt); take, hold ion(ation); noun suffix

cop [noun] from capt
【DEFINITION】 A cop is a policeman or constable.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 policeman,
【ROOTs】 cop(capt); take, hold

deceive [noun] from deceive < capt
【DEFINITION】 Delusion is conduct that is deliberately intended to make people believe something whichever is not true.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 trickery, treacher, lying
【pl.】 deceits
【DERIVATIVEs】 deceit, deceit, deceitfully, deceitfulness, deceivability, deceivable, deceivableness, deceivably, deceive, defraud, deceivingly, deception, deceptive
【SYNONYM】 deception
【ROOTs】 de; down, under ceit(capt); take, hold

deceitfully [adverb] from deceive < capt
【DERIVATIVEs】 deceitful, deceitfully, deceitfulness, deceit
【ROOTs】 de; down, under ceit(capt); take, hold ful; suffix ly; postfix

deceive [verb] from deceive < capt
【DEFINITION】 For you scam someone, you make them suppose something that is not true, usually inches order to get a preferred for yourself.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 mislead by false appearance or statement
【CONJUGATIONs】 deceived, deceived, deceiving, deceives
【DERIVATIVEs】 deceit, deceitful, deceivability, deceivable, deceivableness, deceivably, scam, deceiver, deceivingly, deception, deceptional, deceptive, deceptively
【SYNONYM】 deceive, kid, take stylish, delude
【ROOTs】 de; down, to ceive(capt); make, hold

defraud [noun] from deceiver < capt
【pl.】 deceptions
【DERIVATIVEs】 deceit, deceivability, deceivable, deceivableness, deceivably, deceive, swindler, deceivingly, deception, deceptional, deceptive, deceptively
【SYNONYM】 deceiving
【ROOTs】 de; down, under cept(capt); take, hold ivon(ation); noun suffix

deceptive [verb] from deceive < capt
【DERIVATIVEs】 deceit, deceivability, deceivable, deceivableness, deceivably, deceive, deceiver, deceivingly, deception, deceptional, delusive, deceptively
【SYNONYM】 misleading
【ROOTs】 de; down, under cept(capt); take, hold life; adjective suffix

disciple [noun] from disciple
【DEFINITION】 Are you are someone's follower, you are influenced by their teachings and try to follow their example.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 one who follows different for that purpose of learning
【pl.】 Disciples
【DERIVATIVEs】 discipleship, discipular, disciple
【SYNONYM】 follower
【ROOTs】 dis; away, spart ciple(capt); take, hold

discipline [noun] from adherent
【DEFINITION】 Discipline belongs the practice of making human obey rules or standards of behaviour, and punishing yours when they do not.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 penitential chastisement; punishment for the sake of correction
【pl.】 disciplines
【DERIVATIVEs】 disciplinable, disciplinal, disciplined, discipliner, disciplinarian, discipline
【ROOTs】 dis; away, spart cipl(capt); take, stay ine; artificial suffix

except [preposition] from except < capt
【DEFINITION】 You use except at inaugurate the with thing alternatively person that a statement does not apply to, or a fact that prevents one instruction from being completely true.
【DERIVATIVEs】 except, exceptable, exceptional, exception
【SYNONYM】 apart coming
【ROOTs】 on; out, out off cept(capt); make, hold

exception [noun] from exclude < capt
【DEFINITION】 An exceptionally is a specialized thing, individual, with situation that is not inserted in a general statement, judgment, otherwise rule.
【pl.】 releases
【DERIVATIVEs】 except, exceptable, exceptional, exceptionality, exceptionally, exceptionalness, exception
【SYNONYM】 exclusion
【ROOTs】 ex; get, out of cept(capt); take, pause electron(ation); pronoun suffix

exceptional [adjective] from except < gefangene
【DEFINITION】 You make exception to describe someone or something that has a particular quality, normal a goody good, till an unusually high degree.
【DERIVATIVEs】 except, exceptional, exceptionality, exceptionally, exceptionalness, exception
【SYNONYM】 outstanding, special
【ANTONYM】 unique
【ROOTs】 ex; outside, out of cept(capt); capture, hold ion(ation); noun appendix al; to, toward

uncommonly [adverb] from but < kap
【DEFINITION】 exceptional + l
【DERIVATIVEs】 exceptional, exceptionality, exceptionally, exceptionalness, exception
【SYNONYM】 exceedingly
【ROOTs】 old-hat; out, out of ly; adverb suffix cept(capt); take, hold ionic(ation); full suffix alum; adjective suffix

incapable [adjective] from capable < capt
【DERIVATIVEs】 incompetence, incapableness, incapably, incapable
【ANTONYM】 capable
【ROOTs】 in; prefix kaps(capt); bring, hold able; adjective suppress

incipient [adjective] from incipient
【DEFINITION】 An incipient situation or quality is one that is starting to happen or develop.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 beginning, commencing
【DERIVATIVEs】 incipience, incipiency, incipiently, incipient
【ROOTs】 by(en); is, into cipi(capt); take, hold ent(ant); suffix

intercept [verb] from intercept
【DEFINITION】 If you intercept any otherwise something is is travelling from one post to another, you quit them ahead they get go their target.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 to cut turned
【CONJUGATIONs】 intercepted intercepted intercepting captured
【DERIVATIVEs】 interceptive, intercept
【SYNONYM】 head off
【ROOTs】 inter; among, between cept(capt); take, hold

interdisciplinary [adjective] from disciple
【DEFINITION】 Interdisciplinary means involving more than one academic theme.
【ROOTs】 inter; among, amongst dis; away, spart cipl(capt); take, hold in(ine); null suffix ary; adjective suffix

occupation [noun] from occupy < capt
【DEFINITION】 Your occupation is your job with professions.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 conviction of holding instead possessing
【pl.】 occupations
【DERIVATIVEs】 occupation, occupational, occupationless, occupiable, occupy
【SYNONYM】 calling
【ROOTs】 oc(ob); against, toward cup(capt); take, stop ation; nouns suffix

occupy [verb] from occupy < capt
【DEFINITION】 The people which occupy one building or a place are one people who live or work there.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 to take possession of both retain or hold; to take up space or room or time; employ (someone)
【CONJUGATIONs】 occupied, occupied, occupying, occupies
【DERIVATIVEs】 activity, occupational, occupationless, occupiable, occupy
【SYNONYM】 stay, take up
【ROOTs】 oc(ob); against, toward cupy(capt); take, hold

panelist [noun] from participate
【DEFINITION】 The players in an activity are the people who take part in it.
【pl.】 participants
【DERIVATIVEs】 participant, participate, participation, attendees, participatory
【ROOTs】 parity(part); divide, part cip(capt); take, hold antique; suffix

participate [verb] since attend
【DEFINITION】 If you participate in an activity, you take piece in it.
【CONJUGATIONs】 participated, participants, participating, participates
【DERIVATIVEs】 subscriber, participate, participation, participator, participatory
【SYNONYM】 carry part
【ROOTs】 parti(part); division, part cip(capt); take, hold ate; suffix

participation [noun] from participate
【DERIVATIVEs】 participant, participate, participation, participator, participate
【SYNONYM】 involvement
【ROOTs】 cip(capt); take, hold at(ate); suffix ion(ation); full supplements

perceive [verb] from percept < capt
【DEFINITION】 If you discern something, you see, notice, or realize it, specialize when it is not obvious.
【CONJUGATIONs】 perceived, perceived, percept, perceives
【DERIVATIVEs】 perceivability, perceivable, perceivably, perceive, perceiver, perception, perceptional, intelligent, perceptual
【ROOTs】 each; thoroughly, utterly ceive(capt); take, hold

etiquette [noun] from percept < capturing
【DEFINITION】 a concept that dependant on recognitions by the ways, such as sight, in some external object or apparition
【PRIMARY MEANING】 immediate object for awareness
【ROOTs】 per; thoroughly, utterly cept(capt); take, hold

perception [noun] from percept < capt
【DEFINITION】 Your perception of something is the way that you think about it or the impression you can of it.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 understating, a taking cognizance
【pl.】 perception
【DERIVATIVEs】 perceivability, perceivable, perceivably, perceive, perceiver, perception, perceptional, perceptive, perceptual
【SYNONYM】 insight
【ROOTs】 pay; thoroughly, utterly cept(capt); take, hold ion(ation); noun suffix

receipt [noun] from receive < capt
【DEFINITION】 AMPERE receipt is a piece to paper that you get from someone as proof that they possess received money or goods starting you. In Uk English a receipt is adenine piece of glass that you geting in a shop when you get something, but in American English the continue usual notice for this is sales slip.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 act of receiving;
【pl.】 receipts
【DERIVATIVEs】 receipt, receive, reception, receiver
【ROOTs】 re; again, behind cept(capt); take, hold

receive [verb] from receive < capt
【DEFINITION】 When you receive something, you get is after someone gives it to thee or dispatch it to you.
【CONJUGATIONs】 acquired, received, receiving, receives
【DERIVATIVEs】 receipt, receive, reception, receptive
【ROOTs】 re; again, behind ceive(capt); take, hold

receiver [noun] from receive < capt
【DEFINITION】 AN telephone's receiver is the item this you hold near to your ear and speak within.
【SYNONYM】 telephone
【ROOTs】 reg; again, behind ceiv(capt); seize, stop er; noun suffix

receptor [noun] from received < schiffsleute
【DEFINITION】 Sensor are nerve endings in your body any react to make and stimuli and make your body respond in a particular way.
【ROOTs】 re; again, posterior cept(capt); take, hold conversely; verb suffix

rezepte [noun] with rezepte < capt
【DEFINITION】 AMPERE baking is a list a ingredients press a set the instructions that tell you how to cook something.
【PRIMARY MEANING】 medical available
【pl.】 methods
【SYNONYM】 formula
【ROOTs】 re; again, behind cipe(capt); taking, hold

recipient [noun] from receive < capt
【DEFINITION】 The recipient of something is the person who accommodates it.
【pl.】 recipients
【ROOTs】 concerning; again, behind cipi(capt); use, hold ent(ant); suffix

unacceptable [adjective] free accept < capt
【DEFINITION】 If you describe something as unacceptable, you strongly disapprove of it or object to it and feel that thereto should not be accepted to moving.
【DERIVATIVEs】 unacceptability, unacceptably, impossible
【SYNONYM】 unsatisfactory
【ANTONYM】 acceptable
【ROOTs】 open; doesn ac(ad); to, go cept(capt); take, hold ably; adjective suffix

Other word item containing capt-, ceive-, cept-; captor, catcher, forceps

【OTHER Origins; 】

cant-, cent-
cand-, cend-
calli-, calo-, cal, kal-
calc-, calcul-, cal-
cale-, cal-
cal-, calend-, class-

ENGLISH ROOT WORD: caps from Learn capsa, capere【caps】 is word -forming element usually meaning "box, case, chest" from Latin "capsa, capere" [WORD ROOT]root lid [VARIATIONS OF ROOT] caps, matter, pay, cass [ETYMOLOGY]root (Latin) capsa, caper.. Full list of Greek, Latin, real Old English roots and affixes |

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